(This is a continuation of a series.  Please view the previous blog here.)

Due to travel, I stopped taking the Chinese herbs for lymphedema.  That was after taking them for about six weeks.

Now, almost two months after stopping the herbs, I have great news….my legs have not only maintained, but the swelling has continued to lessen.  It is barely noticeable.   This is much less than I had three months ago.

According to the current Chinese medicine doctor I am working with, the herbs help get your body started on healing, but then your body continues.  In this case, I believe it!

The only thing I’m doing now is staying active, mostly a lot of walking, including walking in the hills.  Then some yoga every few days (I’m travelling so it’s a bit tough).    I use a fitbit to measure my activity so that means at least 10,000 steps most days and over 50 floors each day too.

No compression stockings, except when I get on a plane.

I continue to eat well, which for me means a primarily vegan, plant-based diet.

What is clear to me is that this whole lymphedema issue, especially primary lymphedema, is not well understood by the western medical community.  It appears very clear to me that these herbs can produce long term changes.  That’s good news for those of us dealing with it as this is a safe and inexpensive option to try.

Anyway, I will be getting back to the Chinese herbs for lymphedema in a couple months when I am back home.   My goal will be to see if I can get rid of it completely.  Possible, maybe not, but I don’t see a downside in trying.

In the meantime I’m thrilled that the changes brought about by a short course of herbs are sticking and even improving.  (Just a note, this is my second time using Chinese herbs for lymphedema.  The first time I took them for a much longer time, but the results lasted for over two years.)

Have you tried Chinese herbs for lymphedema yet?  Let us know!  The more experiences we can share with each other, the better informed we are.