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Please note:  the purpose of this website is to share our experiences, so any questions you have, others probably have too.  Or if you want to share your experience, either good or bad, we definitely want to hear it so we all can learn what is working (and what is not).  So the place to ask a question is by adding a comment on a blog post.  We’ll see it and respond there, and everyone can get the benefit of it.

You can post it anonymously, which is perfectly fine and understandable….we’re just trying to aggregate the information so we can all learn from each other.  Your email will not be posted and you can make up a name to post under if you want to.

So please don’t ask a question like that here, post a comment.  If you have other questions about this website, or if you are a chinese medicine provider who would like to participate, please DO contact us here.


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