Just a quick post.  One thing that I had on my list to try, but don’t feel I need to try at this point since my swelling is minimal now, is LED light therapy.  But I wanted to share this for anyone who might like to give it a try.

I’ve been using a red led light mask for my face, it has some strong science behind repairing skin.  It’s worked for me–I’m 54 and it’s really helped my skin look younger  (hallalejah)  🙂  I did alot of reading about LED lights before trying it.  There is some fascinating science behind this technology.  Just google NASA LED Light Therapy.  Here’s one link, for example:  https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2008/hm_3.html.

Research has suggested that LED light therapy can help heal wounds faster, and other really amazing things.  Digging into this more, maybe it can help lymphedema?

I googled it and had previously found this:

However it seems this gentleman stopped posting.

Previously, I did try putting that face mask on my problem leg for about a week and it made it much worse.  I immediately stopped and the leg returned to normal in about two weeks.  But the fact that I got a strong reaction actually made me feel that it was doing something.  This makes me think that a full body red LED light panel MIGHT work to increase lymphatic flow?  It’s a thought anyway.

You can good “red light therapy” and there’s alot of info out there.  Some companies make full body panels that you just stand in front of for maybe 10 or 20 minutes per day.

Some of these are really expensive, but if you continue looking I found brands that were much more affordable.

Has anyone tried LED light therapy for lymphedema?  Let us know your results!

PS:  Just found this–some research on this!  Looks like promising results!