This is the next installment of an ongoing series detailing my second experience taking Chinese herbs for lower leg lymphedema.

My goal here is to demystify the process, since I know it can seem very different than going the western medicine route.  It’s a more gradual approach to reducing and minimizing your lymphedema.  While it requires an investment of time, it can change your life by minimizing your swelling, at least for a few years at a time.  I’m hoping if I continue treatment longer I can actually cure the lymphedema once and for all, but that remains to be seen.  In the meantime, I’m happy to do this every few years if it means freedom from compression stockings and the long daily ‘to do’ list associated with controlling lymphedema.

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DAY 46 TO 50

Unfortunately I had some travel coming up and decided not to drag the herbs around with me, just because I was traveling very light (small carry-on only).  So after thinking about it, I decided to stop the herbs right around day 50.  For now…I’ll go back to them in a month or two.

But in the meantime, more observations.  If you have lymphedema, it’s probably stressful for you too, to get on a plane.  My particular situation (lower leg) has advanced in the past after long international trips (in economy), so I am very paranoid.  I always wear compression stockings, take pine bark extract and move around a lot before, during and after the flight.

But I had good news:

  • I had two 10 hour flights plus a couple 2 hour flights and I had almost no swelling.
  • Then…while away, I didn’t work much so there was not much time sitting at a desk. With that, I had almost zero swelling either!

That’s huge and tells me that the herbs are once again, doing their job.  Fifty days of herbs and my lymphedema is back in control.  Even though I’ve stopped the herbs the benefits continue, that’s key.

I do get the mid-day swelling when I sit for hours at a desk, but then it resolves overnight when I sleep.  But on this trip I found out that once again, my swelling is not even noticeable on days I don’t sit at a desk. That’s with no compression stockings, no elevation, no effort at all!

Needless to say that makes me very happy, and I hope it helps you have some hope too!

I will be getting back on the herbs in a month or two as I have more travel scheduled, and I hope to make even a bigger dent in this lymphedema—ideally resolve it permanently, if that is possible.  If not ….that’s okay….I’ll be fine having to do a month or two of herbs every few years, I will trade that any day for the life of compression socks, elevation, daily massage, etc.

I’ll have more soon.

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Have you ever taken Chinese herbs for lymphedema?  Please let us know your experience!