This is the next installment of an ongoing series detailing my second experience taking Chinese herbs for lower leg lymphedema.

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I would say my swelling has notched down quite a bit, about 30%.  Again—this is not something you can or should expect the first time you’re treated with Chinese herbs. The very first time I did this, it took FOUR MONTHS to get any drop in swelling.  Another lady I’ve been chatting with about this saw her first result at month three.  The key is patience.

But I consider it fantastic that on my second time several years later, I am getting a much quicker response.  That’s very encouraging.


Chinese herbs are a natural healing method.  So it’s a bit of an interesting process.  Always!  It’s my understanding that Chinese herbs don’t treat your symptoms, they actually treat the imbalances in your body.  The good part?   Little nagging health issues will often disappear during the process of treating the bigger problem.  I’ve already had one little thing go away—the gastritis I’ve had (burning stomach) for almost a year is gone!  That makes me happy, as I was taking many supplements to try to tackle that and I didn’t have good results.  One month of Chinese herbs and its gone!

On a more important note, the swelling in my legs IS down, probably about 40%.  But it changes every few days.  However it feels less heavy, so I have a lot more energy when I’m out and about.

This time I’m also sharing notes with another lady who also has primary lymphedema who’s also going through lymphedema treatment with Chinese herbs.  One thing she noticed, which I noticed too is that these Chinese herbs seem to spur new hair growth.  A lot of it!  I don’t have thinning hair—I’ve got thick hair—but every time I do a course of these herbs I get tiny new hairs growing on my scalp.  It’s amazing!

So, with all these positive results, I’m continuing to take everything.

During this time period, I also took a trip to Asia which involved two 11 hour flights.  Thankfully we booked business class (using air miles) so we had flatbed seats, which helps you avoid the swelling, but we did also have a 3 hour flight which didn’t have business class. I did pay a bit extra for seats with more legroom (it was like $12 US per way, so was an easy choice), but I am happy to say that even on a 3 hour economy flight, I had no swelling.  Of course, I wear compression stockings on those flights, as well as take pine bark extract as a precaution, since I’ve had problems with flying accelerating my swelling the past.

So, one month in, things are definitely moving in the right direction. The swelling has decreased.  There’s more to go, but at least it’s less noticeable and I don’t need to wear compression every day.

However, there’s some things I continue to do every day, regardless:  exercise at least an hour a day, including at least 45 minutes of walking, and 10 minutes on the rebounder mid-morning. I consider those critical no matter what, just to keep the lymph moving.

But given the good results so far, I’ll continue on with the herbs.  I spoke with my provider and he’s going to send me more of the same ones, since they seem to be working, but he wants me to take them just once per day instead of twice.  His reasoning is that he doesn’t want my body to get dependent on these herbs, so it’s best to ease up so the body can continue healing on its own.

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Have you ever taken Chinese herbs for lymphedema?  Please let us know your experience!