This is the next installment of an ongoing series detailing my second experience taking Chinese herbs for lower leg lymphedema.

My goal here is to demystify the process, since I know it can seem very different than going the western medicine route.  It’s a more gradual approach to reducing and minimizing your lymphedema.  While it requires an investment of time, it can change your life by minimizing your swelling, at least for a few years at a time.  I’m hoping if I continue treatment longer I can actually cure the lymphedema once and for all, but that remains to be seen.  In the meantime, I’m happy to do this every few years if it means freedom from compression stockings and the long daily ‘to do’ list associated with controlling lymphedema.

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DAY 31 TO 45

One month into this, the good news is that the swelling has notched down.  It has seemed to plateau at a lower level, but it’s much better.

Some notable things during this period:

  • On one day during the weekend, I didn’t sit at a desk at all, or any upright couch. Yes, busted….all sitting was being lazy and horizontal on a couch!  Plus I was up and about most of the day, with a lot of walking and exercise too.  That day I had minimal swelling.  That’s a great sign.
  • I had an email exchange with my TCM doctor and he asked how it was going. I said fine but I had hoped that the herbs would also help control my allergies and sinus congestion.  He said he would add something to the formulation.
  • A few days later I got the herbs (he ships them to me since he’s not local). He added two other elements to the herbs.  One is a recognizable compound:  cinnamon.  Makes the herbs almost taste good!  (Usually they taste pretty bad, but you just mix them up and drink them like a shot so it’s no big deal).
  • Well, this addition is going to take some getting used to. I’ve got more energy but having a tough time getting and staying asleep at night.
  • Annoying, I am having to use the bathroom constantly. It’s interesting that the earlier herbal formula did not make my body lose water, but this one for sinus appears to be doing just that.  The world won’t end, but it is annoying.  It seems to irritating my bladder a bit, too.    If that persists I’ll contact my TCM doc, but for now I’ll see if it goes away.
  • Several days after, fortunately my body appears to be getting used to those additional herbs.  Less constant urination, thankfully, although it’s still more than usual.  Sleep is better, almost back to normal.
  • Less congestion too…thankfully.   That’s another benefit to chinese herbs, they can treat everything all at once.  Many times our health issues are all connected, anyway.
  • At day 45, the swelling is about the same. Definitely less, but more work to do.  Seems to have plateaued for now.

It’s an interesting process.  Overall I am feeling better and more energy and have less of the “heavy” feeling in my legs.  Love it.  But you will sometimes feel like you’re part of a science experiment.  Every time your herbal formula is tweaked, you are probably going to experience some other interesting things.

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Have you ever taken Chinese herbs for lymphedema?  Please let us know your experience!